DrillBit Anti Plagiarism Software (DrillBit) services are provided by the DrillBit SoftTech India Private Limitedand the Terms of use and conditions are applicable for the services provided by DrillBit, to be used by such persons to be called the ‘Subscribers’, subscribing to the DrillBit Anti Plagiarism Software.

By subscribing to the services of DrillBit, the Subscriber is hereby agreeing to the terms of use and conditionsof DrillBit. The Subscriber shall be bound to read and understand these terms of use and services, and it shall be implied that the Subscriber has understood the terms of use and conditions mentioned subsequent to the clicking of “I agree to the Terms of Use and Conditions”.

DrillBit shall reserve all the rights to terminate or cancel the subscription of the user, if in case the Subscriber is found to be in breach or violation of any of the terms of use and conditions mentioned herein.


DrillBit Terms of Use and Conditions are applicable to all those Subscribers signing up for the services of the DrillBit for such services as may be offered by DrillBit and opted by the Subscribers.


a. ‘DrillBit’ shall mean and include all its affiliates including the resource providers, suppliers, licensors and/or any other person directly related to the providing of services by DrillBit, and any references shall be construed and understood as DrillBit, unless expressly excluded.

b. ‘Period of Service’ shall mean and include the date on which the subscriber has subscribed to the services of DrillBit till the date of expiration of such services as may be prescribed by DrillBit.

c. ‘Subscriber’ shall mean and include those opting for the services offered by DrillBit, by complying with such requirements as may be prescribed by DrillBit.


a. DrillBit Anti Plagiarism Software offers various services for its Subscribers and primarily in field of maintaining academic standards and integrity, which includes the plagiarism detection for documents uploaded by the Subscribers, identifying similarity index by comparing and matching it with the resource available with DrillBit including the resources obtained by licenses from third party vendors,available internet sources and other databases to which DrillBit has access.

b. Subscribers shall be bound by the terms of use and conditions as laid down by DrillBit comprising of the Privacy Policy, which may be updated from time to time.

c. Subscription services shall be limited to the schemes or plans opted by the Subscribers. Services shall be limited to what is offered by DrillBit and it shall not entitle Subscribers to claim over and above what has been subscribed to by the Subscribers.

d. Services of DrillBit shall be limited to the period of subscription based on the schemes or plans opted by the Subscribers, and it shall not entitle subscriber to seek for extended period of usage of services offered by DrillBit.

e. Subscriber may at any point of time opt out of the services offered by DrillBit and there shall no financial implication on DrillBit, or seeking for a refund of the amount paid by the Subscriber, at the time of opting of subscription.


a. DrillBit shall not be liable for any kind of damages whatsoever arising out of the use of services offered, as the services shall be provided on what is available with the DrillBit or is updated at a subsequent point in time.

b. Subscriber shall not have any claim against DrillBit for any indirect losses, loss of profits, loss of revenue or any kind of anticipation of loss in the business or any other transactions arising out of the usage directly or remotely of the services offered by DrillBit.

c. Liability of DrillBit shall be restricted only to transactions wherein the negligence is prima facie and not remote to the cause of any damages suffered by the Subscriber and any claim arising thereof shall be limited to the amount paid by the subscriber towards the subscription of services offered by DrillBit.

d. DrillBit shall not accept any liability whatsoever for any consequences faced by Subscriber due to misuse of DrillBit Reports andshall not guarantee or entitle Subscriber for any kind of claims against DrillBit.

e. DrillBit shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising out of the consequences which has arose out of the control of DrillBit i.e., force majeure or vis majorincluding outbreak of an epidemic affecting the functioning of DrillBit, War or war like situations, shutting down of internet or any server/s, any law or legislations,fire, lightning, or those situations beyond and out of DrillBit’s management and control.

f. DrillBit shall not be responsible for any loss of data or personal information over which DrillBit does not have any control to protect and more specifically over the Internet, as the operation of Internet is not completely within the DrillBit’scontrol and are susceptible to several unpleasant scenarios including the hacking, virus, malwares, trojans, worms, ransomwares and other forms of attacks.


a. DrillBit has utmost respect and concern for Intellectual Property more so for the Copyright protection of the authors. Therefore, Intellectual property protection shall be amongst the highest priority for DrillBit.

b. Any document uploaded by the Subscriber for using the services of DrillBit shall be for preventing any kind of infringement of intellectual property in the form of plagiarism.

c. Subscriber shall assign the right of using the material uploaded on DrillBit for archiving the material uploaded and for further use of the material uploaded by Subscriber.

d. DrillBit ensures that the content uploaded by the Subscriber shall be maintained confidential and shall not be shared to the prejudice of the Subscriber. DrillBit upon request from the Subscriber shall delete the content uploaded and such request for deletion shall be from such person/s as may be authorised and DrillBit shall reserve the right to verify the requests for deletion of content uploaded.

e. DrillBit does not claim ownership of any document uploaded on the DrillBit servers and it shall be used only for the purposes of comparing and identifying the similarity in any document uploaded by the Subscriber.

f. DrillBit does not use the content uploaded by the Subscriber for any other purpose than for providing highest quality of service to the Subscriber and to ensure authenticity and to prevent plagiarism.


a. DrillBit may withdraw, terminate or suspend the usage of any of the services or part thereof, if DrillBit is of the opinion that the commercial viability of services would be against the interest of DrillBit.

b. DrillBit may withdraw, terminate or suspend the usage of any of the services or part thereof, as offered by DrillBit in case -
• The subscriber is found to be in material breach of any clause mentioned herein;
• Of compliance of any order of Court/Tribunal or any Government authority;
• DrillBit believes that the Subscriber’s conduct is damaging or harming the usage, reputation or for any other reason that DrillBit finds to be prejudicial to its interest.

c. DrillBit shall notify the Subscriber for withdrawing, terminating or suspendingthe subscription and such withdrawal, termination or suspension shall carry a reason.If DrillBit believes that such withdrawal, suspension or termination is necessary, DrillBit may do so without any notice whatsoever.

d. Effect of withdrawal, termination or suspension shall mean and imply that the subscriber shall not have access to any of the services or part thereof, offered by DrillBit and such aggrieved subscriber shall intimate and notify DrillBit at support@drillbitplagiarism.comappealing for restoration of services on various grounds, and DrillBit may consider such grounds raised by aggrieved subscriber and may restore the Subscription upon satisfaction and only upon finding the reasons appropriate.


Any subscriber having issues or complaints regarding the interpretation and implementation of DrillBit Terms of Use and Conditions shall inform and intimate DrillBit at Support@drillbitplagiarism.com any dispute pertaining to the data handling, management and issues thereof shall be settled by way of Arbitration or Mediation. Governing law for dispute resolution shall be that of India.