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Helping students, universities, writers and corporates write better since 2016, DrillBit has been the sought after solution across all the leading institutions in India. Let us join hands and get your content, plagiarism free.

End-to-end plagiarism detection solution that is fully automatic, backed by an intense machine learning software that has a powerful text recognitions system.

DrillBit's anti-plagiarism software solution is the ideal choice for schools, colleges, universities, corporates, publishers and individuals for detecting and preventing any form of plagiarized content irrespective of its source, origin and language


Highlights of DrillBit Plagiarism Detection Software

Give your content a tick of integrity through DrillBit’s Anti-Plagiarism software. We offer:

  • In-depth and end-to-end text plagiarism check solution.
  • Unbreakable features that cannot be breached ensuring seamless plagiarism check
  • Customized solutions that can be moulded to suit your industry
  • Product developed under the ‘make in India’ umbrella
  • Cost effective and economical pricing

Technical Specification : Best Plagiarism Checker

Sl No Technical Specifications
1 Coverage of large Database for plagiarism check - Internet sources – Current & Archives, Open & Subscribed Publishers content, Students database and University Repository
2 Page Limit in one document – 400 pages and can be extended to upto 2000 pages.(one page = 250 words or 3000 characters)
3 File size is allowed - 60 MB, can be extended up to 100 MB
4 Unlimited Instructor and student user accounts
5 Minimum test time, Multiple Document processing
6 Support unlimited documents submissions in each license
7 Multiple file format supports, Multiple document submissions
8 Support unlimited documents submissions in each license.
9 Users: Consortium, Admin, Faculty/Guide/HOD and Students

DrillBit Products and Pricing

Get custom Anti-Plagiarism software for your School/ University or Business enterprise based on your requirements. Our software is easily integrable into your system to give you unyielding support at all times

Personal Use

A trusted companion for your business, DrillBit runs automated checks on your submitted content for any form of plagiarism. We also provide archive solutions for vital documents that can be used as basis for plagiarism checks.

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Corporates,Journals & Publishers

The ultimate plagiarism detection solution for the daily requirements of journals, publishers and corporates, we help you save precious time and have content that is authentic and unique.

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Educational Institutions

DrillBit serves the largest share of universities, schools and educational institutions across India and abroad, offering unbeatable, fully-automated and trusted plagiarism detection and prevention solutions that is a part of their daily workflow.

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A multitude of features

Plagiarism Checker Software

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Unlimited Resources

Scan and compare through all forms of online available data on the internet, publisher content, University repository and global repository. These include Articles, Journals, Thesis, publications content, Conference proceedings, eBooks, MOOCs Repositories/content, Institutions repositories, magazines and Aggregators content.

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Multiple file format support

We support all forms of file formats that include pdf, tiff, doc, docx, txt, html, htm, dotx, odt, pptx, xlsx, rtf, post script, word perfect and more.

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ZIP file Support

  • A maximum of 60 pages upload at one time.
  • The zip file must be less than 100 MB
  • Individual files must be less than 40 MB each
  • Individual files must have at least 20 words of text
  • Individual File types allowed: Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), plain text.

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Similarity matching reference

The original source of matched content is provided to the Instructors/users for comparison. Best online plagiarism checker for students.

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Exclude Source Option

An authorized Guide or Instructor can exclude certain sources if it is established as the author’s or student’s own work. They can select the sources and exclude the same from the results, which might cause a drop in percentage of authenticity of the report.

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Instructor Feedback

Instructors can give feedback on each submission after an extensive plagiarismcheck. The same can be shared with students along with a detailed plagiarism report.

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Google Authentication

DrillBit provides access to software from Students or Instructor’s existing Gmail Account.

  • Students/Instructors can Login to our software by using their own Gmail account and password
  • They are not required to possess separate login ID’s & password for our account.
  • This is highly secured and executed with Google authentication.
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Integrate with University website

We can Integrate our software login process with individual University website. Hence, the students/Instructors can Login to the Drillbit software from the university website itself without having to visit the DrillBit website.

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Assignment Report Generation

The faculty or Instructor can download assignment reports from our software regularly.

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Customize the product as per University requirements.

Based on feedback, we develop customized software solutions for universities and the likes.

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Automated Grading system

DrillBit Creates automated grades in the report as per UGC guidelines, which will help to filters the papers effectively based on individual grading.

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Choice of email-notifications

Users can share the Plagiarism Report details to a student/Guide using the email notification.

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Generate Report in less than 3 steps

DrillBit Generates Reports in 3 Steps:

  • Login & Upload
  • Scan & Compare
  • View Result
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Content Tracking

DrillBit provides unbeatable solution to track the matched content in the report using Location codes from the matched source list.

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Summary Report

Admin/Instructor can download the Summary report of the License.

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Simultaneous Access to multiple users - 24/7

There is no Limit on User access at a time. DrillBit Provides unlimited access to the Users simultaneously and uploads the documents, enabling quick result viewing.

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Centralized Admin Panel Monitoring

Admin Dashboards are available to the Admin User to view the statistics of the License, add and delete users and view the activities of the users.

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Report Generation in PDF Format

DrillBit will generate Report in PDF format and the size of the file is equal to the Input file.

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Report download, Printable support & Support for all the latest Browsers

DrillBit supports all the latest browsers and downloads Plagiarism report that is available in a printable format.